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What People Are Saying:

“I found this course to have an excellent layout and approach in comparison to traditional 'bootcamps'. The "hands-on" approach with excellent explanations on academics where needed is the best I have ever seen. Your course helped someone who has limited knowledge on statistics and primarily with a software development background learn ML techniques. The course delivers. This one of the best I have ever seen in terms of teaching (including other areas outside of Data Science). I can see that a lot of effort and heart went into creating this course.”

Mike R. (Software Developer, USA)

“I am in my 40s, trying to change careers, fast, and this course has the right ingredients to do that. It is the best machine learning stuff I have seen to date... I just came out of a data scientist interview the other day. They don't care about the math, only that I can explain it in no nonsense way, and I did, and it got me to the next round of interviews thanks to your materials.”

Stephen R. (Data Analyst, Canada)

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