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The Data Science Interview Prep Kit is a step-by-step system that prepares you to land a high-paying job in data science or machine learning.

You will learn how to navigate the competitive interview process with as little stress and uncertainty as possible.


How to Land Your Dream Job in Data Science

Data science job openings are expected to grow by as much as 364,000 in the next 3 years alone.

Data and technology are radically transforming the way leaders make decisions. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are paying a high premium for skilled candidates...

You probably already knew that.

After all, those are some of the pioneers in the field, and they will continue to be major employers who invest BILLIONS every single year into data science and machine learning...

There's no doubt about that. But right now, the ENTIRE pie is growing at an unprecedented rate...

According to LinkedIn's most recent Emerging Jobs Report, FIVE of the 15 fastest growing jobs in 2018 were in machine learning and data science.

The reality is that these powerful technologies are affecting the ENTIRE economy, from tech to finance to medicine to business... the list goes on an on...

Taking Your Slice of the Pie

Data science job interviews can be notoriously tricky. There's a lot of confusion and mystique around them...

The listed requirements for some of these jobs can be flat out intimidating (even to experienced data scientists at times!)...

And look, we're going to be level with you:

There's no "easy" path to landing a job in data science or machine learning.

If it were "easy," then top employers would not need to be paying up to $120,000 - $180,000 for entry-level data scientists and machine learning engineers!

These employers—companies like IBM, McKinsey, and Goldman Sachs—recognize the VALUE of this skillset, so they don't hesitate to pay top dollar for QUALIFIED candidates.

But here's the good news.

More so than in almost any other field, you can DIRECTLY improve your chance of success through better preparation. That's because this is one of the few fields in which you can really DEMONSTRATE your proficiency during the interview process.

The "Batman Approach"

Among all the superheroes out there, Batman is known for not actually having any superhuman powers...

He can't fly...

He can't leap tall buildings in a single bound...

And he certainly can't shoot lasers from his eyes...

But what he CAN do is... PREPARE. In fact, Batman is famous for being able to overcome ANY challenge as long as he has adequate time to prepare.

You might not be Batman, but you can take his approach to saving Gotham City and apply it to landing an incredible job in data science or machine learning.

The Data Science Interview Process

You see, many top companies have adopted a standard process that includes 3 rounds of interviews:

  • Round #1 - Initial Phone Screen. Typically an interview with HR about your background, plus basic concept questions for data science and machine learning.

  • Round #2 - Take-Home Challenge. Take-home data science challenge that can have multiple objectives and must be completed within a given time limit.

  • Round #3 - Onsite "Super Day." A series of analytical case questions, SQL coding puzzles, technical questions, and behavioral questions.

Now, as you can see, this process is not exactly "easy"...

But at the same, it's NOT rocket science!

And it's certainly NOT some mystical secret that you couldn't figure out IF you had the right preparation tools...

In fact, if you had the right tools—such as a QUESTION BANK of concept questions to expect, realistic PRACTICE CHALLENGES that will ensure you ace the take-home challenge, INSIDER TIPS from people who have sat on both sides of the table, and a step-by-step SYSTEM to make sure nothing slips through the cracks—wouldn't this process be manageable?

So let's equip you with those tools:


The Data Science Interview Prep Kit

Comprehensive, Step-by-Step System for Acing the Data Science and Machine Learning Interviews and Landing Your Dream Job

Practical Advice from Data Scientists

Get insider tips from people who have sat on both sides of the interview table.

Give yourself the best chance for success with straight-shooting, down-to-earth tips from professional data scientists.

Concept Question Bank & Answers

Gear up for the concept questions with 121 machine learning and data science questions compiled from top startups, tech giants, and Fortune 500 corporations.

These will serve as guideposts for your review, and sample answers are included for ALL questions.

Take-Home Challenges & Solutions

Each of the 9 take-home data science challenges includes the full dataset, a detailed introduction to its business context, multiple realistic objectives, and a replicable solution script.

They span across the breadth of the most common data science applications.

SQL Puzzles & Solutions

Test your mastery of the most widely-used database language by writing scripts for 9 tough SQL puzzles.

They will test your ability to navigate a range of important topics, including selecting, joining, filtering, aggregations, calculations, sub-queries, and much more!

Bonus: The Behavioral Interview

Many candidates overlook the behavioral interview and only focus on technical skills, but cultural fit is often just as important (if not more).

We've got you covered with a complete guide to crushing the behavioral interview and making a lasting impression.

Program Details

The Interview Prep Kit is a comprehensive online course for acing data science and machine learning interviews. It contains 9 full-length take-home challenges with solutions, 9 tough SQL puzzles with solutions, 121 concept questions and answers, and dozens of insider tips and strategies. Complete it at your own pace thanks to lifetime, on-demand access.

Here's How It Works

Eliminate the Guesswork

Step #1: Start Early

First, we'll take you through an overall of the complete process so that you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

Step #2: Practice

Practice and master a comprehensive range of take-home challenges and SQL puzzles that will ensure you're in tip-top shape.

Step #3: Review

Go through a large, hand-picked question bank to review key concepts and discover any gaps in your knowledge.

Step #4: Apply

Apply to competitive, high-paying jobs with the full confidence that YOU will be able to stand out and demonstrate your skills.

Step #5: Succeed

Land your dream job in data science or machine learning and kickstart your career in one of the fastest growing fields.

Plus: Lifetime Access

Changing jobs again in the future and need to brush up on your knowledge? No problem. You'll get lifetime access.

"The quality exceeded my expectations. It was extremely well-written. Very concise and easy to understand. I feel that the product would more than pay for itself for anyone who is looking for a data science job and wants a competitive advantage. I wish the EDS products had been available back when I first started studying machine learning."

Russ Boucher
Data Science/ML Analyst, Canada

"Your course made me feel more confident and enthusiastic about working in the domain of big data and machine learning. The modules are well organized and it feels like you're taking me by hand through the entire process, so it gives a lot of confidence. It removes much of the uncertainty and fears that precede any job interview."

Yanic Elbaz
VP Product Operations, Israel

"I was worried about not using the Interview Prep Kit after purchasing it, but itโ€™s engaging and well presented. Good for staying focused and slowly getting into it. I like that itโ€™s straight to the point. Thank you for an amazing experience!"

Denis Ouspenski
Developer / Architect, Canada

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SQL Puzzles & Solutions

Insider Tips & Strategies

Beating the Behavioral Interview

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The Complete Interview Prep Kit

Take Home Challenges & Solutions

Concept Questions & Answers

SQL Puzzles & Solutions

Insider Tips & Strategies

Beating the Behavioral Interview

Lifetime Access & Updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer any scholarships or deferred payment options. We understand that the Interview Prep Kit may be a large investment for some candidates. That is why we are committed to making its value far exceed its cost.

According to, the average data scientist salary in the US is over $128k per year. That's over $2,400 per week... or over $350 per day. That means if the Interview Prep Kit helps you land a job in data science just ONE day faster, then it already pays for itself.

You should have basic knowledge of one scripting language (such as Python or R) and be familiar with at least one general-purpose machine learning package (such as Scikit-Learn).

If you do not have those pre-requisites yet, or if you are coming in as a complete newbie to this field, we strongly recommend taking the Machine Learning Accelerator program first.

Yes, you may use any scripting language you’re familiar with. We recommend R or Python.

You may use any SQL-based DBMS that you’re familiar with. Some popular ones are Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Hive.

We use MySQL, which is both free and the second most popular database management system based on

Our philosophy is very simple: if you’re not happy, we don’t earn. If you’re unhappy with the product for any reason, simply email us within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Send us an email, and we’ll be happy to answer it! You can reach us at support [at] elitedatascience [dot] com.

The EDS Advantage

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